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Shipping & Delivery

We can deliver Rockerman of Texas furniture to any city or state in the USA. To date, we’ve proudly shipped our furniture to 30+ states. Please note that delivery is quoted separately. We can provide a quote before you place your order. 

Delivery Options

  1. For orders coming from nearby, we have a network of trusted drivers who physically drive the order to your location. Your pieces will be secured and safe. Drivers are to be paid (cash, check, Venmo, etc.) by the customer upon delivery. These drivers make our deliveries for extra pocket jingle. This is typically the fastest delivery option. We will pull together options for the customer to approve. 
  2. For longer range orders, we have the option to ship as freight. Specifically, we contract with Estes Frieght Company. Pieces are indiviudally secured on a pallet and wrapped. This tends to take a little longer to receive as there may be other orders on the truck, meaning multiple orders and stops. If you chose this option, Rockerman of Texas has an Estes business account and will prepay your freight charges. You will be invoiced by Rockerman of Texas for reimbursement.  This is the least used method of delivery as it is expensive and has to be secured on a pallet. 
  3. Your order is posted on the website and drivers bid on your delivery order. Rockerman of Texas receives the quotes, but the customer approves the final cost. Rockerman of Texas will communicate each quote received via text, email or phone. This option also tends to take a little longer to deliver as the driver has other deliveries to make on their way to you. 
  4. You have the option to pick up your order at our shop in Justin, TX. Please coordinate with Rockerman of Texas so we can have resources available to help you load and secure your order. Straps are highly recommended to secure your pieces to your truck or trailer. Many customers go this route. 

Regardless of the transportation mode we always communicate with our customers for approval and to ensure smooth and timely deliveries.

If you have questions about delivery, call us at (817) 223-8467 and we’ll be glad to answer them.

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